Winding Down

Having completely elevated everybody‘s game during his short stay here, and having worked so quickly and efficiently that it makes the rest of us look like turtles, Erik Friedlander left this morning. I can’t even believe how much I love what he’s done for the album. Yesterday, he revealed that he’s also conversant with the mandolin. Now, most musician-guys, when they say “I can play a little piano,” mean only that in a pinch they can follow along. Erik is a different story. When Erik said, “I also play some mandolin,” what he would have meant were he not a humble and graceful man, was: “I can totally shred on the mandolin.”
And shred he did. “Magpie,” a song we first did on the Peel Session earlier this year, turns out like a Fairport Convention/young-Simon-Joyner mashup: young Simon’s bulging-eyed octane, Fairport Convention’s playing-together, for-the-sake-of-the-song feel. The vocal take is kinda crazed and I could not be happier with it. To say nothing of what a great job Solter & Vanderslice are doing with the U-47’s, KM-54’s, and C12a’s.
Today, “cleaning up” tracks (erasing parts that no longer add to the song) and re-doing some vocals. A drum here or there. I’m having fun! Imagine that!