Behold Our Transcendental Youth

I’m on the porch listening to Hatchback and the weather simply couldn’t be more soothingly tropical, so you’ll excuse me if I come off a little blissed here, but dig the news, everybody: I’m playing at the Ecstatic Music Festival in March in a program with Anonymous 4, and “stoked” won’t take an intensifier deep enough to explain how I feel about this show, so gimme an extra paragraph to elaborate.
Anonymous 4 are among my favorite musicians anywhere, ever. I’ve been listening to them with wonder and gratitude ever since I was given this amazing album as a college graduation gift. Every A4 album is a journey into geographies of mood and tone that you simply can’t find elsewhere; whether they’re singing a 14th-century mass or John Tavener, their artistry is peerless. For me tell you that they’re going to be singing the newest as-yet-only-heard-by-people-mentioned-in-this-paragraph Mountain Goats songs, the secluded trapped wet desperate yearning ones I’ve been working on since late spring, heard here in special arrangements for guitar, piano and voice by Owen Pallett in a gorgeous 400-seat hall is…well, it beggars description. So instead let me tell you this about myself. I am person who likes to eat candy. Every time somebody says “kid in a candy shop,” I think to myself: “I wanna be that kid in the candy shop, after hours, with the go-ahead to have all the candy I like.” Anonymous 4 singing my new songs in arrangements by Owen: this is all candy ever all at once for me. I simply cannot wait for this show.
More news about more stuff soon, quite soon really! See you here!