We Are Stardust, We Are Golden, Etc

Yes: it’s time for Zoop II, and not a minute too soon. I was so sad when I couldn’t do it last year, and I am eleven different kinds of stoked to do it this year. I’ll be there, playing two solo sets; Peter Hughes will be there, playing no fewer than one solo set; owing to my inability to get ahold of him today, I asked Farm Sanctuary not to list him officially, but the plan is to also have John K. Samson there, playing his wonderful songs. Last I heard from him, that was the plan, but he’s been on tour and so you gotta consider John K. a “won’t it be awesome if John K. can make it” for now, OK?
But that’s a possible-but-you-can’t-say-I-promised quality. Actual real-life promises are as follows: I’ll be there; Peter will be there; we’ll be playing solo sets, and on the second night, I’ll be taking nothing but requests; and that registration’s limited. So sign up, act fast, and I’ll see you there; without wanting to get maudlin, the last Zoop! was for me one of the absolute highlights of ten-plus years as That Guy From The Mountain Goats.
Dudes! We’re gonna have Zoop! again!