Tugs forelock, kicks dust

Hi everybody! Busy crazy times around here but I wanted to check in briefly before we go out on tour, and mention – belatedly, not that people hadn’t noticed by themselves, once again generally reaffirming my faith in the proposition “people are more clever than marketing theory would have you believe” – that we have abruptly landed in the 21st century and opened an online store. See the link up there at the top of this site that says “store”? It’ll lead to to what’s on sale, or to what’s been on sale; some stuff is sold out. I mention this now because in grabbing boxes of stuff to take out on tour, I ran across what are, to the best of my knowledge, the last boxes I have (or, more accurately, “had”) of the 3bos editions of Nothing for Juice and Zopilote Machine. They should show up on the site before long, and will probably be gone a little while after that.
So I thought I’d mention that! So excited to come out and play music for you all! Got surprises in store! People please do not let scalpers get to the tickets before you do in the bigger cities! I wish I could stop them from trying to fleece you, but I am not Bono! When I become Bono I will fully put the smack down on the scalpers but until then you are on your own! See you out there!