Tour’s End – also, The Vinyl

…and so, with two really fun shows in Brooklyn, concludes the first half of the year’s touring! Thanks SO MUCH to everybody who came out & held each other’s hands & swayed & sang and made my life, and Peter’s, so much richer. Not to get all maudlin & whatnot but we are so thankful to be blessed with listeners who show us so much love. Every day of my life, I try to take a minute to think about how much you-all really mean to me. So thank you. A thousand times over: thank you.
And now, to bust out the lecturing-dad style kung fu. There has been a lot of nonsense disseminated about the vinyl edition of the Sunset Tree. I twice sold out of the ones I brought with me on the road really quickly, but note the important qualifier “the ones I brought with me” modifying “sold out.” I have only finished decorating about half of these rascals. The rest sit, blank-faced mute witnesses to my insanity, in various places around the house, eating up all the restful hours I was hoping to give myself between now and the video shoot. (What? Ahem, well, yes.) I remain convinced of two propositions: 1) the number of people who are interested in hearing these renditions of these songs is almost exactly 1,000; 2) accordingly, pretty much everybody who wants one will end up getting one. The only people who will never, ever get one are people who write me personally trying to bypass the middleman. I do not do mail order, because I cannot be trusted to mail things out in a timely fashion. Anyone who sends me money for the record will wait ’til the resurrection of the dead to actually get one, and even then there will be no guarantees, since zombies have first dibs on the limited vinyl.