tMG ’09: Still Pouting That No-One’s Translated Die Kinder der Toten Yet

And pout we must! Yet however dry our lower lips get from being stuck-out over the inherently slow nature of translation, our own work continues. The gratitude we feel toward all the people we got to play music for in 2008 outweighs our petulance over being denied an English rendition of the book that is reportedly Jelinek’s masterpiece.
Our dance card is filling out nicely for the new year, and there’s lots of exciting news. For now, we have two shows to tell you about:
1-6 –
Ships and Dip V
It’s a cruise that the Barenaked Ladies do once a year. The Weakerthans will be there. Christine Fellows will be there. Sarah McLachlan will be there. Maybe some of y’all are of the type to hate on Sarah McLachlan and crack wise about the Lilith Fair, but give me a plaintive piano ballad and a mid-tempo arrangement to get all weepy about and I’m a happy man, so if you want to be the person who uploads the file “John Darnielle crying over ‘I Will Remember You’ aboard a cruise ship in the Caribbean” to YouTube, I encourage you to buy tickets now. This whole thing is going to be a blast. “Golden Boy” bonus possible if somebody gets Wurster to luau.*
24 – San Francisco, CA, Herbst Theater
This is part of City Arts and Lectures – Tobias Wolff, who is to the short story what pre-Miami Sonny Liston was to the jab, will be chewing the fat with me, and I’ll also be playing some songs. Those of you who are familiar with my vocabulary probably know how I feel about this whole deal – the word rhymes with “stoked” and is also spelled exactly the same.
More news to come! Spring will rule for all of us this year, even those of us whom 2008 tried to break! So get excited, fellow doomsayers! Good times are coming for sure!
*”Golden Boy” bonus not redeemable aboard ship, on land, or at any time prior to the return of Quetzalcoatl to Earth