Third Bowery Show Added

By now some of you may have noted those tour dates off there to the right. Tour dates! With more to follow! Accompanied by Megafaun on this first leg: who, if you don’t know about them, let me assure you are so completely 100% awesome and cool and put on the best show. Their love of music is an irresistible contagion, they battle unnecessarily harsh vibes on all fronts and always emerge victorious, you are going to love them like I do I just know.
New as of this morning is a third show at New York’s Bowery Ballroom, which has been added because there are very few tickets left for the other two shows. About this I should like to link to a clip of Ozzy screaming “I love you all,” but evidently Ozzy has recorded a song called “I Love You All,” making it needlessly labor-intensive to link to a clip of Ozzy screaming “I love you all.” (Yes, I did find the one where he’s saying it all mellow and inside-voice, before you ask. A proper Ozzy “I love you all” scream remains elusive.) At any rate: we’re in rehearsal & there’s more news about stuff coming up & some of it is totally eating a hole through the adamantine secret-keeping-shield that I had cybernetically attached to the nerves that govern the behavior of my lips, fingers, & tongue, so I’ll shut up now, and see you all in various places quite soon, and I totally LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLL