The Part Where You Wait for Sunlight

Greetings all from winter, also known as The Part Where You Wait for Sunlight. Couple things to tell you: first, we’re going to try doing a live episode of I Only Listen to the Mountain Goats. This should be a lot of fun; I’ve never tried anything like it. “Solve for x” is easily the most rewarding exercise you can keep doing your whole life when you like to make stuff, so come out and watch me & Joseph & some special guest solve for x in front of a live audience. MORE ON THAT SOON!

When the Night Vale people said the show was gonna be in Chicago, it got me to thinking about some special shows I did there during a solo jaunt (a “jaunt” is defined as “a tour of fewer than seven shows” and is derived from the universally-beloved Philadelphia word “jawn,” shout out to the Eagles from my friend Roy Ziegler who is still downing cel). They were at the Old Town School of Folk Music; I was already honored to’ve been invited to play there, it’s a legendary spot. The shows turned out to be really special — you can never really say how a combination of venue & crowd & season & chance will make for a show that finds the rare air but when it happens it’s magic. (The shows are here and here if you wanna hear ’em).

So, you probably see where this is going, I’m gonna do it again, only this time I’m bringing Matt Douglas; the duo set we’ve been playing out for the past few years is its own special thing and to do it in Chicago in the Spring? This is a chance I’m not going to pass up and if you’re into what we do I know you’ll love it. Old Town’s a smallish venue so, you know, do the needful and we’ll see you in May!

5/27 – Old Town School of Folk Music – Chicago, IL
5/28 – Old Town School of Folk Music – Chicago, IL (SOLD OUT)
5/29 – Old Town School of Folk Music – Chicago, IL (SOLD OUT)
5/30 – TBA VENUE – I Only Listen To The Mountain Goats Live