Thank You

Season’s greetings to all & sundry, and thank you for a year we will never forget. If I could stand wild-eyed before you like shirtless Ozzy before a packed arena, sweating and bellowing “I LOVE YOU ALL!” between verses of “Iron Man” with mercilessly hot lights beaming down on me, the billowing white nylon flag in my hands sporting some cryptic and anyhow illegible legend in black or neon-red housepaint: well, you get the idea. Except for the shirtless part. We are not that drunk yet.
Plans for the immediate future involve a little time with friends and family, and a quiet Christmas at home. As always, if you’ve got a little extra cash on hand, I encourage you to give to Farm Sanctuary this Christmas. They are good people. If you’re crazy rich and all that money’s just burning a hole in your pocket after you’ve helped out the animals, well, I won’t dissuade you from going nuts on my wishlist.
In January we’re recording an EP with Tony Doogan, and in February Scott Solter will produce our next album. We are excited to make new music and to play it for you all. There’ll be some touring news here soon: sooner than you might think, actually. In the meantime, thanks again for listening and singing and dancing and writing all year long. It means more to me than I can say. I will see you next year.