Surrounded by Machines

We got a call from Denver: we got a movie house out here, they said, you got any movies you feel like presenting? Given that I’d spent the last couple of years working on a book with several old movies woven into the plot, I thought to myself, hey, what about Targets, the last movie Boris Karloff was ever in, the one that sets the ball rolling in the book? Why not play a little music while you’re out there, a movie and a little music in Denver in October, what’s not to like? “Hey Peter,” I said, either via email or text message or the phone, I don’t remember which, “you feel like going to Denver in October, maybe do a duo set or two in Denver, I don’t think the John-and-Peter iteration of the Mountain Goats ever even got to play Denver once, I don’t think I did solo Denver ever either but first things first, you wanna go to Denver in October?” “Hell yes,” says Peter, “absolutely, get me a plane ticket, I’m there, I will play Mountain Goats tunes, I’ll play any Mountain Goats tunes you want, just tell me where to show up, I’ll bring my bass.” “Cool,” I say, “I have a bass if you needed one but it’s nowhere near as good as yours so I am glad you will bring your bass.”

The breakdown on this is I’m presenting Targets at Alamo Drafthouse in October and Peter and me are playing some music. We’ve never done a duo show in Denver; we’ll be in a smaller room than we usually play out there, so if you wanna see some new and old tunes in the old school style, I recommend getting tickets early. See you there!