I’ll be honest with you, if you wanna know: we’re working on a something right now. When it’s quiet around here you know I’m up to something. I have reached the “when do I get to tell people about it” stage. I have become adept at remaining present to this stage, in a meditative style. There are four of us now. Our vision is growing broader. We are tending to it like Humboldt growers in possession of rare seeds during the pre-legal days.

But Matt and me — Matt Douglas, I mean, our corner-man, the new guy, the one and only, the natural, He Who Wields the Bari Sax — we’re going to hit the road for a weekend, just us two, since “you have to do some shows with just JD and learn what it’s like when he forgets to count off” is a contractual requirement for full membership. Come! See us play stuff the full band never does! Watch Matt attempt to remain in good humor on tight four-counts that I say under my breath instead of aloud!

These are the first just-me-and-Matt shows since he joined the band, and I am amped for them. Changing the formation up  over the past few years has resulted in some of my favorite shows ever — me and Wurster at Carnegie Hall during the Evening of Awesome; me and Peter in Barcelona at the end of the Tuttlingen Warriors tour. I’m ambitious and will be listening to Bill Evans & Eddie Gomez sides from now til the shows to get myself psyched up. The full band, as mentioned previously, will be hitting the road in the fall, but in the meantime, come see these special shows if you have the chance!

The Summer Knows mini-tour 2016 dates:

9/1 – State Theater – Falls Church, VA (tickets)
9/2 – Ace of Cups – Columbus, OH (tickets)
9/3 – Mr. Smalls – Pittsburgh, PA (tickets)