Stephen Would Answer If He Only Knew How

Yes I’m playing two solo sets at Hopscotch, why wouldn’t I? The first will be the thing where I stand there and try to force blood to shoot from my eyes while singing about people who used to love each other but who now tread the earth under the heavy curse of Cain. The other one, the “metal covers” set, 1) probably won’t ever happen again, and 2) will probably be the only “metal covers” set that also includes songs by Rich Mullins & maybe one from Aoxomoxoa, if recent trends around here continue. I want to say how proud of am of the internet for not asking, during the ten minutes since the program was announced, whether I will be wearing corpsepaint. The answer is probably “no,” but at the same time, it’s one of my better-kept secrets that I look awesome in makeup. I also used to look awesome in taffeta, but I think it’s safe to say that those days are behind us, much like the days of the vikings, whose ghosts I bet I end up invoking from behind the piano at least once that night.
The other thing I’m doing, much sooner, is playing a benefit to defeat the latest “deny people who love each other the right to marry” bill. We can actually beat this bill, and in the wake of Citizens United, the way that happens is if we raise enough money to do it. Dollars buy requests at this show, anything in my catalog is game. If I don’t know it I’ll improvise something. Mac McCaughan’ll be there, Greg Cartwright, the amazing Tara DeFrancisco emceeing and moderating, it’s going to be a proper Durham party so dress how you please and prepare to holler some. It would mean more to me than I can say if my adopted home of North Carolina could say to the world “you love who you want here, all are welcome.” There is nothing I won’t do to try to help this happen.
See you at the shows!