Spotify “Artist’s Pick”

Hey everybody – Spotify asked if I wanted to have an “artist’s pick” attached to our artist page. Like any other lifelong record collecting music fiend, I love to make lists. (Unlike most everybody else, I don’t like to number the lists or rank on lists. Death to all rankings! Unranked lists are #1!) So I drew up a list of albums I think are awesome or interesting or vital or challenging: records that I think repay repeated listens, that you can cue on Monday and still be finding new things from on Friday. If you follow the Mountain Goats on Spotify, you’ll be automatically notified when the pick’s updated — probably about once a week, possibly more often if I’m doing mulitple-album runs on a single artist or if I’m feeling excitable.

First up is Younger Lovers’ Sugar in My Pocket, which is such a wonderful record — nervous, catchy, bedroom-by-way-of-the-garage, slightly melancholy and deeply affecting – enjoy!