Some News

AFTER that I had accomplished and finished divers histories, as well of contemplation as of other historial and worldly acts of great conquerors and princes, and also certain books of ensamples and doctrine, many noble and divers persons of this realm of Internette came and demanded me many and oft times, wherefore that I have not  refined the appearance and updayted the noble history of the Mountain Goats Website, as it semeth to runne on a Moveable Type inter-face, the lykes of which, hath been but little seen in the realme since the year of our Lord 2004.

To them I replied, I have been moste busy robbing Sir Thomas Malory by copying and pasting his wordes and repurposing them to mine own use, as in the present case; for which purpose I here excise an envoy to King Arthur, may he find goode rest in paradise, and replace it with these announcments three:

ANNOUNCEMENT THE FIRST, we have finally updated the website, all visitors are encouraged to make merry with these diverting images and soothing fonts, and also to visit the store, wherein they may be satisfyed with many items available for purchase.

ANNOUNCEMENT THE SECOND, the which gentle reader may have heard about already on Twitter, or Facebook, and yea, even unto the fine shores of Tumblr and possibly Songkick, I feel like somebody posts these dates on Songkick or something, who can keep track: there will be TOURING THROUGHOUT SEVERAL REALMS, please note the dates on yon TOUR DATES CALENDAR herein linked, it’s quite fancy, it replaceth now and forever the TOUR POST-IT NOTE which goeth now to enjoy FOND RETIREMENT IN THE FIELDS OF WEB OBSOLESCENCE. Well met, TOUR DATES CALENDAR! A fond farewell, TOUR POST-IT NOTE!

ANNOUNCEMENT THE THIRD was written several weeks ago and concerned the presentation of Pasolini’s Medea at Lincoln Center, and was a fair announcement for the nones, and yet has been edited out of this post, since it heralded an event now passed. Yet do we stint of editing out this third announcement entirely, preferring the trinitarian symmetry of the announcements three.

NOR IS THIS THE END OF IT, there is a very happily busy season ahead, but this update is long, and lo, the forces of management do cry: “John, pardee, write for us the text of of the update announcing the tour dates and the website redesign, that we might acutally get the thing online, instead of waiting to hear from you?” And lo, I have heard their cries.

See you out there!

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