Solo Set, At Home, In August

I enjoy playing benefits. I will be alone with an acoustic guitar stomping my right foot in the old style. I think I’m going on late, but if you haven’t seen Des Ark, you really should, you know, and if I have to tell you that Heather McEntire’s a completely awesome performer whose every appearance is an occasion, then you are behind the times and need to stop being such an out-of-touch old person. Also, move to North Carolina. Heather doesn’t play away from here that much.
Full fall tour dates will be announced on this site, by me, on Tuesday morning. Right before it happens, a dude with a thick mustache whose ends are nicely waxed into points will appear at the gate and read a proclamation – “The Announcing of the Fall Tour, by John” – and then he’ll blow a bugle, but not even I am sure about where said gates are or who is paying the bugler guy.