Sitting in a Rosemont Hotel Listening to the Holy Sons

I’m right up the street from O’Hare and we’re going to get a van and some backline and drive to Buffalo en route to the first show of our tour with Bright Eyes as we both loops back toward Lollapalooza. I’m listening to these guys, whose records seriously punch every last one of my buttons and are, bar none, the best late-night listening proposition going right now. (It’s morning here. You always have to test the great late-night records against the halogen glow of the morning to see if they hold up. This one does.) I’m doing vocal warmups so that while we’re rolling through Buffalo I’ll be able to continuously yell from the van window, “Ani, I will forever defend you against all enemies foreign and domestic, because your song ‘Hypnotized’ has saved me from the fire more than once and seen me through hard times,” even though I think if you’re going to yell things from windows concision is probably a virtue. I’m working on two things for next year that are starting to take shape like the monster in the Edison Frankenstein when the reverse-flames really get going & give him form, and this, I don’t need to tell you, is way exciting. And I’m stopping by here to point out that Pitchfork has the video for “Estate Sale Sign”, by the people over at Awesome and Modest. The video features animals, monsters falling into biomorphic pits, Viking ships, wormy dudes in the desert, and people trying to kill each other until they discover they have a greater need for intimacy than they usually care to admit, i.e., it visits several themes dear to my heart. Imaginary bonus points &/or sympathy if you spot yourself in it – meanwhile & otherwise, see you on the road!