Show Added

The Mountain Goats will be playing at Swedish American Hall on February 25th. At present, the show’s listed as “John Darnielle,” from which mix-up you may correctly infer that this is a solo set. However, the entity known as “John Darnielle” does not play music. “John Darnielle”‘s activities are generally limited to the watching of old boxing matches and the cooking of delicious one-pot meals accompanied by handmade breads. The Mountain Goats play rock music and harangue audiences worldwide for the greater glory of Our Lady of Medugorje.
Swedish American is a small room, and it’s been a while since I played a solo set in San Francisco, so if you think you might want to see it, you might also want to act fast. Every penny I get paid for this show will benefit the Family Violence Prevention Fund, an organization whose cause is close my heart.
Is this the end of my first-quarter news? Hell, no! I got so much more news coming you’re gonna need a separate feed for it!