Secret Show 12/2

I don’t believe I’ve ever played a secret show, though I used to find the thought of them very romantic. Why secret? Because the room in which it’s taking place is very small. Why not move it to a bigger room? Because this small wood-and-stones-and-nice-old-chairs room is special. It’s in southern California in a place that’s kinda crucial to my personal history. By “personal” I mean “professional” to a large extent, but “my professional history” sounds way dumb. Anyhow. Secret show, 12/2, there will be special guests, head inland from the ocean, if you know me you’ve already got this one figured out, don’t write to ask ’cause I’ve said all I’m gonna say, if you figure it out and go blabbin’ about it to everybody the show probably won’t be able to happen so be discreet please i.e. keep your sleuthing private and your humble host who sees in secret will surely reward you, see you there.