Rolling Rolling Rolling Though the Streams Are Swollen

Thanks to Dublin, Glasgow, Newcastle, London, Manchester, Leeds & Brighton for showing us such a good time last month! Having been home for nine whole days, we note that it time to ply our fortune-telling trade out on the west coast. The west! The eternal dazzling lure of the bottlebrush! That coast whose final northern terminus is located in the netherworld! Whose final southern stop lies in the far-beyond, the endless void! The west! People get totally carried away talking about it and say crazy stuff! We are bringing some friends, is what I stopped by to tell you. I would have mentioned it earlier but we spent the spring not sleeping much. And now it’s summer. West coast, meet our neighbors, Midtown Dickens, whose last album was recorded at Baucom Road with prophet of the dub caverns Scott Solter and who will show you a stomping good time! They’ll be with us from Seattle on down through Santa Barbara. See you all there!