Registration for Farm Sanctuary Event Now Closed

Hi everybody. Just a quick note to report the following, per the magnificent Joan at Farm Sanctuary:
ZOOP! is sold out! Everyone who has already completed the online registration form will be e-mailed with some type of confirmation by the end of this week. Anyone who is still on the waiting list as of Monday, May 28 will be informed no later than June 12 as to whether more space has become available. As much as Farm Sanctuary would like to be able to accommodate everyone that is interested, fire codes are fire codes, and we’re now at capacity. They will not be able to accommodate any guests that arrive but that have not received a confirmation e-mail telling them that they are in fact registered attendants. Farm Sanctuary is extremely grateful for the huge show of support for ZOOP! If anyone has questions, please e-mail Joan directly:
Additionally, if you registered but aren’t going to be able to make it, please let Joan know so that she can make more spots available. If you were hoping to come and didn’t get registered, please don’t fret! You-all may have noticed that I’ve been doing more charity & open events over the past year or so, and I hope to continue with this trend.
Thanks everybody for the frankly overwhelming show of support for this thing!