Re: San Francisco; Shows; Satanic Messiah

Good people! Fine people! It is nice of you to visit. As it happens I have some news. Later this week, good fortune and weather permitting, I hope to have one more morsel of comparable but maybe more exciting news, relating to this picture. Right now, though, I’ve got this:
1) Of course we’re playing San Francisco on the Last Happy Night of Your Life tour. How would we skip San Francisco? San Francisco has treated us like kings over the years. It would be rude not to go there and bang our heads like front-row residents at Fender’s Ballroom circa 1986. Here’s where we’ll be:
– San Francisco, CA, The Independent
24 – San Francisco, CA, The Fillmore
2) Remember when I used to release a lot of EPs? Like, one or two a year, even? And how they weren’t album tracks, but self-contained kinda deal actual EPs, as God intended? Perhaps you do not remember, on account of that was a long time ago. It doesn’t matter whether you remember or not, really, since I am telling you now, just so we’ll all be on the same page. The point is that I was thinking about how much I used to like making EPs. Writing them, recording them, releasing them. So I went out to Baucom Road, which is Scott Solter’s studio in western North Carolina, and I recorded four new songs. And then I sent them to a pressing plant, where they’re being turned into a double-7″ in a hi-gloss UV gatefold sleeve with covers designed by Horse and Buggy Press featuring artwork by Aeron Alfrey. This record will be available in a limited edition of 666 copies. It will only be available at shows.
“But wait!” I hear some of you saying. “If I send you some money will you send me a copy?” Let me answer this question once, and once only, and for all time: no. What you will be able to do, though, is download the whole EP from a dedicated site that we’re setting up right now. I hope/expect/pray that the site will be ready within a month or so. The songs will be available in both MP3 and AAC formats at high resolutions, and also, if I can figure out how to make and seed a torrent, as AIFFs, which digitally speaking is the best way to hear them, since Scott Solter is an awesome producer. The downloads will be open to everybody, with no hoops to jump through, though there will also be several options available for those who want to pay me for my work, since part of the point of the exercise is to see whether that’s a viable route for smaller-potatoes-than-Radiohead dudes like me. But we’ll cross that bridge when we drive the frightened horses across it. With their covered wagons behind them on fire. And the devil, scrawny and crazed, riding behind them on an Italian greyhound.
For now, to sum up this overlong post: 1) San Francisco; 1a) two shows added; 2) Scott Solter-produced single.
Sssssee you ssssssoon!