Pro- Dragon

We’re three dates into our first duo tour in forever and we are having, I have to tell you, a whole lot of fun. Last night we played “Dutch Orchestra Blues.” And “Nine Black Poppies.” And we had “Going to Queens” on the set list, but I chickened out and called an audible, because we had only practiced it the once at soundcheck. But there will be further opportunities to soundcheck it some more, and more besides it of comparable vintage and obscurity, because we’re taking this tour across the water, because I cannot rest until “Song for Mark and Joel” has been played in as many places as is reasonable within the constraints of time, space, and the demands of everyday life.

To speak plainly: we are coming to England, and to Scotland, and to Germany, and to the Netherlands; and to Belgium and France also; and also, for the first time ever, to Spain. This tour will be an extension of the Tuttlingen Warriors tour presently underway, and will be in the same formation: John Darnielle, vocals, guitar, piano, defense of dragons; Peter Hughes, bass guitar, harmony vocals, torque analysis. The dates are over there on the post-it to the right! Hope to see as many of you as will fit in the rooms we play in!