Our New Tape

Yea verily, the hills echo with the cry of the people, and the people cry, what is up with the preorder, JD. And lo, JD has heard the richly echoing cry of the people, or at least of the one or two people hitting him up about it on his Twitter. So here is the deal, and when I tell you it was hard to keep this stuff under wraps, I mean that somebody should totally give me some candy or something, or hire me to keep their secrets, because I have now totally proven that I am Good At That.
So: anybody wanting to order the new Mountain Goats album, All Eternals Deck, can now do so right now, here. You have your choice of formats; while supplies last, each pre-ordered CD or LP comes with a free copy of All Survivors Pack, an audio cassette in a hand-colored sleeve old-school style, containing 12 songs that make up the surviving demos for All Eternals Deck. A couple of these songs aren’t on the album, and a couple of songs that made the album don’t survive in demo form; the tape’s tracklisting is available at the link. This is our first tape since Yam, the King of Crops. Typing that last sentence has given me more raw pleasure than I can faithfully detail. A few select independent record stores will also have copies of the tape-and-album package, and my clairvoyance is indicating that somebody’s getting ready to ask me “which stores?” but the spirits are mute on this question. Fellow vinyl hounds should be advised that clear vinyl in small numbers, and blue vinyl in very very small numbers, will be randomly mixed in with the first thousand copies of the LP, divvied up between mailorder and retail.
We are so excited for everybody to hear these songs. Feel like we’re emerging from a cave with glowing alien rocks we found hiding in a reflecting pool. Time to step outside soon and test the hills for echoes. As Number Six used to say: Be Seeing You!