One Night in London

Before I share the one new bit of news, I got something to say to the people of Australia: Thank you so, so much for one of the best tours we’ve ever had. I would kiss all of you, y’know, if weren’t for the hypochondria ‘n’ all.
And now the news: we’re coming to London! It’s part of 4AD’s birthday bash: tickets are available here and also at a site so flash-heavy that it kept freezing my browser, so I ain’t wanna link it directly, but it’s called Eat Your Own Ears and is visually quite pleasing. Regarding the show itself: I know who the special guests are, and it’s totally exciting, but rabid KGB agents could not make me squeal, so haters are advised to step right off. Should anyone need during my offhours in London, you need probably look no further than your nearest Indian takeaway. I cannot get enough of the Indian takeaway.