Microphone Check

Is this thing on?
Hi everybody. It’s me, John. I’m on tour. But today is extra-special double-good The Tour Stops Through Home day: and I’m in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, just down the road from where I live, sitting here in the dressing room of the Cat’s Cradle with my magnificent triple-cute wife sitting right next to me. It feels so good to be home. Tomorrow I’ll have to leave, of course, since there’s another week-plus of tour still to do. But tonight I sleep in my own bed, which is a righteous mid-tour luxury.
About this diary: I’ll be posting any Mountain Goats-related news that occurs here; on tour, I’ll stop in and say hello, and I’ll send dispatches from the studio next month. Thanks for stopping by! Crazy respect to Lalitree Darnielle for designing this site and for holding down the fort. Beer on the curb for Biggie and Tupac. Mourn you ’til we join you! And so forth.