Method Acting

I am doing my best to make myself look like my eighteen-year-old self. It’s a good thing I have a sense of humor, because this is an uphill battle. Nevertheless, after the album’s done I’ll post some before-and-after pics of my transformation/attempts thereat. Unfortunately, there are no photographs of my eighteen-year-old self to which you might be able to compare these newer efforts, because when I was eighteen I was more goth than thou, and refused to be photographed. By anyone. Ever. I think there are three full years of my life during which I wasn’t photographed once, except (and this only possibly) at Christmas-time. Present-day goths desire nothing so much as to be photographed hundreds of times each day, of course, but this just goes to show that they aren’t really goths at all. No mirrors, cameras, or overhead lighting! Argh. I am beset by poseurs on all sides.
I blow kisses through time at my eighteen-year-old self: he effected a near-total erasure.