Merry Merry

My boy JV is offering a live show for free download, and how can a fellow traveller not feel moved by such holiday cheer? Here are two songs from the vaults; a live recording of the first has been circulating for a while, but I don’t think anybody’s ever heard the other. Neither of them are particularly festive, unless you favor a certain kind of party, in which case, God bless us every one. They’re both favorites of mine; “Deserters,” technically a “demo” though the word has always given me fits, is the song that sparked the We Shall All Be Healed album, and has a number of images that are sort of touchstones for me. Both work best if you play ’em real loud.
Cut Off Their Thumbs
So there you go – yuletide greetings to all; I hope this small gift in some way indicates how happy you’ve all made me this year, and I’ll see you in the spring!