Marsh Witch Visions


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1. Marsh Witch Vision
2. Shirtless in Hamburg
3. California Jam
4. No More Tears
5. Rain in Soho (Demo)

Earlier this year I was trying to raise funds for my bowling team, the Reproductive Justice League. (It’s “my” bowling team because I try to show up and bowl when I can but the real heroes are people who show up for reproductive justice every damn day.) Competition was pretty fierce so I thought I’d up the ante by volunteering to open up the vaults a little if we made a good showing. People got out their checkbooks and I was floored. Because 2017 is a double release year for me — book in February, album in May, touring the whole time — it took me most of the year to dig around in the files and get things together but here they are. I’m proud of these songs, which were probably otherwise going to find the written-and-forgotten destiny that I fetishize and romanticize for so many songs no-one will ever hear, and I’m really happy to be able to share them. I am especially happy to have an excuse to share “No More Tears,” which in my view deserves better than its author’s ridiculous oblivion fetish.

Because I prefer groups of five to groups of four there’s also the demo version of “Rain in Soho,” which was kind of a proof-of-concept on the song — I couldn’t play the two keys parts & sing it at the same time, but I was trying to get it all done pretty fast on a rainy day. Unlike the album version these vocals are totally comped to bits which makes for some interesting horror-soundtrack bleedthrough effects. Enjoy!