Greetings from the incense-drenched brick enclosure where Elsa Lanchester holds sway beneath the five dollar unicorn mirror. (NB this is a 100% accurate description of my office.) Last year we got asked to play a show that only worked schedule-wise for me and Matt, but both me and Matt were plenty up for it, so we booked a couple more shows around it: we played Falls Church, Columbus, and Pittsburgh. It was exciting to not know, going in, whether it’d work out or not: I’ve been playing duo shows with Peter since the mid-nineties, and Jon Wurster and I have did our first duo work on Isaiah 45:23 from The Life of the World to Come. I remember getting onstage in Falls Church and there’s like 1000 people in the room, and I’m thinking: here goes nothing!

Well, the show was pretty special – 700 people showed up and hit that exact combo of listening hard/going wild that makes a show great. We played the next night at Ace of Cups (so did the Cheater Slicks, which made my year) and that show was pretty special, too — you can listen to it or download it here — the emerging-into-a-dream vs. of “In the Hidden Places” was a special highlight for me, I get pretty lit up. Deeply inspiring show. So by the next night, which was Pittsburgh, a city on which I have a gigantic deathless crush by the way and if I get to live this life again I’m gonna live at least half of it in Pittsburgh, bless that town, by the next night I say, we were feeling like…when do we get to do this again?

The answer is “Fall 2017, in England and Europe.” We have a bunch of new songs to play of course and a bunch of ideas about what else to do and I am so excited to bring this show over to you all. First time in Norway since forever! Opening night in Leeds will be be me & Matt’s fourth-ever duo show! We’ll be listening to the tapes of last year’s three-night run for inspiration but of course also playing stuff from Goths and who knows what else — every time you change up the presentation, it opens up new possibilities in songs you might not otherwise even think of playing. Can’t wait. Thanks everybody for the long wait, I know we don’t get over to the other side of the Atlantic that often. See you soon!

October Europe Tour:

6/10/17 – Brudenell Social Club – Leeds, UK
8/10/17 – Button Factory – Ireland, Dublin
9/10/17 – Glasgow Art School – Glasglow, UK
11/10/17 – O2 Shepherds Bush Empire – London, UK
12/10/17 – The Haunt – Brighton, UK
13/10/17 – De Helling – Utrecht, Netherlands
15/10/17 – Pumpehuset – København V, Denmark
16/10/17 – Debaser Strand – Stockholm, Sweden
17/10/17 – John Dee – Oslo, Norway