Last Two Shows of 2010

Hello all – how’s it been? Here, you wouldn’t believe, all kinds of action, you’ll know soon. If you’re the kind of person who likes to know things early you might want to keep a close eye on the Twitter feed this week.
First things first, though: I am playing two more shows this year. The first is live accompaniment for the film Sir Arne’s Treasure, which is a Swedish silent from 1919. I’ll be joined by John Vanderslice, Jamie Riotto, and Jason Slota at various points throughout the evening, and I was going to print up a whole program to explain what the whole deal is with what I’m doing but rehearsal took priority and so I’m telling you here instead: to accompany the Swedish film in which bad intentions come to bad ends, I thought I’d play and expand and elaborate on some songs from Sweden. One thing led to another, though, and I ended up synching up a few Hail and Farewell, Gothenburg songs, which I how I got the idea to start excavating a bunch of old Sweden-era notebooks, which is how I ended up finally setting to music a good handful of long-orphaned lyrics from the Sweden cycle: abandoned side-stories, extended soliloquies, muttered curses. So that is what we’ll be doing: not all of Sweden, but a version of it, live, as accompaniment for Mauritz Stiller’s gorgeous Swedish tale of lost treasures.
After that I’m flying home and playing Brome’s totally awesome benefit for autism. And then, as you’ll learn more about later this week, I’m going to put on the full armor, as the evangelicals would have it. Because in 2011, I am going to be raging through the fields like some kind of crazed comic book warrior from an imaginary ancient land, and stuff. We will see you there!