I hope everybody is having a great yule. Did you know that it was once a custom in the north of England to cry out “Yule!” in the streets or in church after the sermon? Do you not wish we observed this custom generally, and loudly, throughout the month of December?
Moved by the remembered spirit of frozen Mancunians in stovepipe hats crying “Yule!” at one another with increasing fury, we offer this site’s second annual present of an unreleased song. Last year it was two, but both of them were old. This one I wrote just last night. If you’re a person who’ll be bummed out by finding a song you already knew on the next album, then you might wanna leave this one alone, ’cause it’s nearly a sure thing that it’ll get the studio treatment at some point. There will be a lyric change in the chorus when that happens, but I liked the energy of this just-wrote-it version, so I’m leaving it as-is.
The title refers not to the trance DJ but to this dude, though it’s an elliptical reference so if you wanna argue that the song’s actually about a negative epiphany arrived at through the glory of progressive trance, please feel free! This song is part of a series that as yet has no title and, as of this writing, only a vague thematic thread. More on this news as it develops. Meanwhile, here’s a new song in your choice of compressed formats. Yule!
Michael Myers Resplendent (192 kpbs AAC)
Michael Myers Resplendent (192 kbps MP3)