It’s Luxury

Been home for several days — maybe even five of them? Post-tour is like returning from space, I’d imagine, only in reverse: one moves from a world in which bursts of frenetic human contact are the norm back into one in which you actually have control over your surroundings, relatively speaking, and things to think about besides Whatever’s Gonna Happen Right Now. Enjoying the unspeakable luxuries of: a decent pot of coffee in the morning, a pizza & game 7 of the ALCS with my wife, a cat in my lap while I check e-mail in the morning; in short, the thousand little blessings that make daily life a joy too often overlooked. Thank you, all great things in my daily life! May I never take you lightly!
In Mountain Goats news, ’cause that’s what this space is mainly for, I just picked up the November issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine, in which you’ll find a two-page interview with me. I must say that while I’ve become numb to most interviews and articles, I got a huge charge out of seeing a really well-written Mountain Goats piece that featured a sidebar about my gear: what kind of guitar I play, what kind of pickup’s in it, what kind of strings I favor. It’s nice to feel legit, y’know?
Tour was great. Much thanks to everybody who came out, and extra shouts out to Cafe Eleven in St. Augustine, a venue run by such warm, wonderful people that it’s an honor just to know them. Finally, nuff respeck to Cindytalk, a band nearly forgotten by history & unjustly so, for the title of this entry. Next dispatches from the studio or shortly before!