Insert Mandatory Banana Joke Here

OK, who here wants me to come play in their living room? Because that is what’s up for auction, courtesy of Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest. The animals at CSNW survived medical studies, animal acts, and life in a windowless basement to finally find the light of the sun in the Pacific Northwest. I don’t guess I need to tell people who know me how moved I am by this kind of story.
Wherefore it seems right and good that we have an auction about it. Once we’ve got a winner & a date hammered out, I’ll hop on a plane and grind out a blistering (or tranquil, if that’s your thing, I can probably do tranquil) invite-who-you-like show for you in your home. It’ll be a solo set, to be played sometime next year as our schedule allows but I figure sometime between January and June will work. Perhaps the stars will line up and I’ll be able to cross “play a set in a stranger’s living room for the express purpose of helping chimpanzees” off my lifetime to-do list at the same time as somebody else is striking “have some stranger play songs in your living room in order to help some chimps” from theirs. It could happen! Bid early and bid often right here! I’ll see you at your house!