In Which The Word “Tradition” Gets Abused Somewhat

As longtime readers know, we have a tradition around here of an annual holiday giveaway. By “longtime” here we mean “people who were also reading this page last December,” and by “annual tradition,” we mean “we also did this last year.” 2006’s yuletide gift was the demo for “Michael Myers Resplendent,” which turned out to be the album-closing song on the forthcoming Heretic Pride, which, need I remind you, you can totally preorder.
But I am not here to badger you about pre-orders! No! I come to give you a real oddity.
For years, John Vanderslice and I have been talking about doing a collaborative album. Our schedules have yet to allow us to do much more than kick ideas around about it, though we do have a band name (see the tags on the song below) and I did at one point write a sort of opening salvo for the projected album’s plot, since of course all supergroup-type projects ought to either be a) totally absurd grand-concept albums or b) crappy collections of covers. Not favoring the latter, we drummed up this story about organ harvesting colonies on the moon, and the guys who secretly work up there six months out of the year, toiling in the employ of an unidentified government agency. Our protagonists live lives of secluded, anonymous luxury during their off-seasons; theoretically, anyway (hardly any songs have been written for the project; God knows if it will ever be finished), one of them begins to tell his story in the following song.
Odds seem strongly against our being able to get any work done on this project in 2008, or 2009, or whenever. All good things to them that wait, right? Or something. But I do like the one little song we’ve got so far, and I thought some of you might like it, too, so here it is. Enjoy. Yule!