Cry for Judas

I was going to begin, “Dear world,” but then I thought, that’s really hopelessly arrogant, the whole world is not reading this, maybe get that ego in check a little there JD. “Dear Mountain Goats people?” Presumes on the goodwill of the reader. Makes all kind of presumptions really. Just no. Maybe “Dear world” is actually correct, theoretically that’s who I’m addressing: anybody who cares to listen, no matter where they are? I don’t know, though. I have political objections to “Dear world,” there is no need to go into them here. “Dear You”? Permanent dibs to Jawbreaker. “Dear Mr. Jesus?” Grievous misread in tone, also maybe even more presumptuous. “Dear Mr. Morgan, my 8th grade math teacher”? A clear frontrunner, but unpopular in camp.

So hey umm it is with great pride that the Mountain Goats present to you one of the 12 songs from our new record, Transcendental Youth. (If you want to pre-order the album and get the bonus 7″ that comes with the first thousand or so copies of it, you can do that here; the two songs on the 7″ will eventually make their way to iTunes.) This here album track, anyway, is called “Cry for Judas,” it is about survival but that’s kind of an oversimplification, it’s also about building a vehicle from the defeated pieces of the thing you survived and piloting that vehicle through the cosmos, it’s kind of complicated but people who know what I’m talking about will kind of intuitively get the idea and the rest of you will I hope be able to get a sense of it through the song. You can grab it for free here, and if you dig its groove and wanna throw us a dollar about it, iTunes has it here & we thank you kindly. As I said yesterday, my portion of the proceeds will mainly be spent on candy, specifically Grape Vines. I don’t know what Wurster and Hughes will do with theirs, it is not my business, but I know one of them is fond of cake.

Hope you enjoy the tune & see you soon!