Hurry Up Get Warm

Look, I’m kinda spoiled since I moved to the south, and I really can’t cope with any weather that requires me to wear shoes any more, ok? Wait, what? Oh, the microphone’s on? OK, cool. Umm, hi. I told you we were going to tour. I was not joking. Here are some more tour dates. There will be more. We will be playing the new songs. Here is one of those new songs, in case you are curious about them. Enjoy! There will be a video for this one comin’ along pretty soon here. It was directed by Ace Norton, who also directed me in that awesome Aesop Rock video.
We’re bringing the Moaners out with us. If the people can’t come to North Carolina, then we must bring North Carolina to the people! C’mon out, it’s a good time:
Revelation Time 2008
– Northampton, MA, Pearl Street
14 – Boston, MA, Museum of Fine Arts
15 – Boston, MA, The Middle East
18 – New York, NY, Webster Hall
19 – Brooklyn, NY, Music Hall of Williamsburg
20 – Philadelphia, PA, First Unitarian
22 – Washington, DC The Black Cat