How’s It Going

Hi everybody. I thought I would let you know how things are with me, if I can somehow split the difference between remaining a somewhat private person and wanting to talk directly to the people who’re kind enough to lend an ear to my music. So: first, let me assure everybody that I don’t have anything terminal or anything. I am facing some chronic health stuff, to which I’ll need to learn to adapt. But I’m not going to die or anything. Members of the Darnielle family, historically speaking, live to be frightfully old. Second, while I’m not in any condition to tour right now, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to make music or give readings or anything like that. So the benefit for AIDS Walk NY, that’s on. (Possibly a solo set, that one.) And the Museum of Natural History show, that’s on, too. And the readings at the Regulator and Housing Works, I’ll get those listed shortly. And yes. If you see UK dates listed, that’s ’cause we’re coming over. So be advised to hide all the curries, but be further advised that you won’t be able to hide them well enough. Beyond all that, the most I’d like to say about my health is that I and some doctors are tinkering under the hood, and I’ll be firing on all eight pretty soon. I thank everyone who has sent good thoughts; y’all mean the world to me and I will repay you as best I can as soon as possible.