How We’re Greeting the Summer

The biggest point against me as a wanna-be goth has always been that I completely hate winter. What’s worse, I only like spring when it’s warm. My whole deal has always been summer. So when June comes around, hell yes: I’m going to California. Just for one show and a reading – I have kind of a lot of work in front of me right now, most of which is totally secret. Still! C’mon out, why don’t you. I have given two readings so far and enjoyed them so much that I hardly know what to do with myself.
eventually I hope to actually keep these dates straight in my head:
March lol oops June
76 – Los Angeles, CA, Natural History Museum (duo show, John & Peter rocking it mid-school style)
87 – Los Angeles, CA, Skylights Bookstore (reading from Master of Reality and signing books, kissing babies, etc)
See you all there! …oh: almost forgot. Or, to be precise, did forget, but then remembered. During Noisepop I recorded four songs in San Francisco for Daytrotter, since Daytrotter is awesome. Those songs have now been uploaded to the Daytrotter site. Is it driving you nuts yet that I keep typing out Daytrotter’s name without linking to the songs? I bet it is driving Daytrotter nuts. All I have to do is bust out some a-href action and boom, linkarama. Yet here I am, wasting your time. And mine. But let’s be honest with each other. Do you have anything better to do at the moment than read this worthless paragraph, or I anything better to do than write it? Oh, wait, yes, actually, I do. There is a delicious sour cherry syrup simmering on the stove. Here, take this Daytrotter session, we’ll talk later.