Highest House Bid Wins


Our friend Scott has heavy bills from cancer treatment and I’ve agreed to donate a house concert for auction. I pretty much never do this, house concerts are generally not an option, but I knew Scott in high school.
What you are bidding on:

Solo house concert for one hour

Some conditions:

1. The show can’t be moved to a club: the winner gets the show at his/her house or apartment or farm or wherever they live, it’s non-negotiable.

2. It can’t be advertised; it’s free, they can’t charge admission. I’m paying my own travel (within US) to wherever it happens, so there’s nothing to sweat there. Multiple bidders coming together to raise the most funds is ok as long as it doesn’t result in #1 above.

How to bid:

Send your offer to RMatteson AT C3MGMT.com

FINAL Highest House Bid: $12,100

Note: Many of you have written asking if you can make a donation towards Scott’s medical bills.  HERE is a link we were provided.  Thank you!