Get In The Van

We are keeping so busy around here that I hardly know what to tell you. Have you ever seen a dog digging a hole with both paws in a parched back yard somewhere, exposing the wetter darker dirt underneath the undernourished lawn, finding the cool damp a foot down or maybe two feet? You know the look on that dog’s face? That is us when you are not hearing from us. Bees in the hive. But even bees gotta breathe. So we are coming out. This is a very late announcement of the tour which begins day after tomorrow. The dates have been up for a while but I figured I ought to send out a “ready or not, here we come.” Because it’s true! I recommend “ready” over “not ready” any day, because some of us have been confined to very small spaces since the end of the Australian tour, and are fixing to play loud & sing louder. Doug Fir! Edmonton! Sasquatch! Missoula! Calgary! Points between and beyond! Christine & John up in Winnipeg! Warm up the coffee pot and let’s stay up late!