The Satanic Messiah EP

Four songs I recorded by myself with Scott Solter in Monroe, North Carolina, are now available for download here. The songs will also be available as a limited edition double-7″ in a gatefold hi-gloss sleeve, etc., but when I say “limited,” I mean it, so please don’t hold out for the vinyl; only 665 people will get a copy. (I will be the 666th.) An option to pay me for my work is available at the linked site, but is by no means a requirement prior to download, as that would be weasel business. You do what you feel. I hope you like these songs; I am fond of them; they remind me of old vanished things. They’re yours now! Share as you see fit, but if you wanna point people at the donation pages, I would appreciate that; there’s an .rtf file included in the .zip file that encloses the songs, so if you just share the whole thing zipped, you won’t need to do any why-don’t-you-donate evangelization yourself. But don’t let me stop you! The evangelical urge must go forth unchecked if the Word is to be spread far and wide.
Your servant