It's Important for The Mountain Goats to Play L.A. Once Again.
February 17, 2012 02:37PM
In general, I'm not into hipster music. But that is not what the Mountain Goats are. I just heard the song "If You See the Light" a couple days ago on a mix cd someone made for me.

I played it about 50 times afterwards. I couldn't move on to any other song. It was a visual experience and gave out a clear message, hidden in the simple story of a man and some angry villagers.

When I was a little girl there was an old man who used to tell my class stories. He would bring in a guitar and sing songs and then he would tell us an old story (sometimes a familiar one, but often not) and we would be mesmerized, taking in this man's life lessons like sponges.

To an extent, that is how I feel when I hear this song; except it is far more amazing because The Mountain Goats are able to make me feel this way as an adult, when those imaginative senses are all but dead in the midst of harsh reality.

I plead for them to come to Los Angeles so that I can sit and soak in their life messages like a child, eager to understand and desperate to believe.

Los Angeles people, please encourage them to come back here for another round.

Thanks :D

Zither Huxley
Re: It's Important for The Mountain Goats to Play L.A. Once Again.
February 17, 2012 05:47PM
Hmm, "If You see Light" is kind of an interesting first tMG song. I'm curious, how much other stuff have you heard?

Oh, and there's a record that should be probably be coming out sometime this year, which will mean a tour with the full band. John grew up in LA and Santa Barbara, so he plays a lot of dates in Southern California. You'll get a chance to see him before too long.
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