But, yeah... I hope you guys like it.

Hooray, Sledding With Tigers!

You guys are awesome, keep it up.
I love you guys. Downloading right now!

Mercy for the Diaz Brothers!
Wow! Thank you guys so much!

It's even better because I know you guys have good taste in music ;)
This album is delicious. The Kids. side is really good too!
Kids are so rad. They're our good good buddies.
Hey! Thanks! I was on board with that Kickstarter, wish that thing would have worked out. Thanks for being generous with all your stuffs!!
i smell a calvin and hobbes reference. i like it.
Your olfactory senses are correct!
this is good.

'props', as i believe the rad folk might say.
yeah, mad props bro! this mixtape is off the chain, dawg! the cool kids might say.
You guys are so good with your slang words!
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