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Lyrical 'Mishears'

Posted by _PumpkinPie 
Re: Lyrical 'Mishears'
July 20, 2015 08:25AM
dtrom4 Wrote:

> Oh, man, now I'm hoping you listed your band as
> "Babbling Drunk".

No...but damn...that isn't a bad band name...for this or for other future endeavors...
Re: Lyrical 'Mishears'
July 20, 2015 09:18AM
i still vote for sweeping gesture
Re: Lyrical 'Mishears'
July 30, 2015 05:51PM
I didn't read all of this, but I always heard "Figuring the interest on the liquid loans" in Balance.

"the mountain goats would have a twitter page if the crushing emptiness of life could be expressed in 140 characters" -Stephen Colbert

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