Finest Winter Wheat

Two days deep & I can’t sleep. I do so love the chickens here at the studio! They are so pretty! But they make a terrible racket at five a.m. each morning, and I sleep lightly anyway because I am a bundle of nerves. Between these two factors, I’m lucky to get in four consecutive hours of sleep, with the result that I’m more or less a total emotional wreck. The good of it is that the better part of these new songs call specifically for a singer who is a total emotional wreck. So, hey! At least the songs are happy.
I lose count rather quickly of what we’ve done, how much of it really is done & how much needs more, and so forth. Franklin’s here and did an organ part last night that made my kidneys shake. I think we’ve got four or five songs sketched so far. Not bad, considered that we’ve only been working for a day and half. My goal of four songs per day remains, however, a distant & psychotic dream.