Everybody Dance Now

So, you live on the west coast and you are, like, totally bummed that our last tour of the year stops several hours short of the Mississippi River, since our horses are afraid of water. Yet do I not got huge love for the coast? Yes I do.
There’s this dance company called EmSpace Dance. A couple of years ago their director, Erin Mei-Ling Stuart, wrote to me and asked whether they could choreograph some of my songs. I love dance, a lot; it makes my hair stand up on end sometimes. Still, a year later, when Erin sent me a videotape entitled Songs For You, I was shocked by how strong my reaction to it was. I feel that in EmSpace’s remarkable work, the inner lives of my songs become real and whole. Seeing them dance this piece in June was the single best hour I’ve spent this year.
At the same time, I know not everybody can feel that modern dance groove. So be aware: if you’re not familiar with the vocabulary of dance, there’s going to be some serious negotiation between you & a dance performance like this, should you go. Having said that: EmSpace is premiering a new piece in October. It’s called New Monster Avenue, which not coincidentally is the title of the song I wrote especially for them. The song won’t be released any time soon, if ever; it’s one of the best I’ve written in the past year. So, if you’re in or near San Francisco and you wanna hear it, you might wanna head over to 24th street and help EmSpace celebrate their fifth birthday on October 14th, 15th, and 16th. If I were not going to be on tour at that time, I would be there myself. They will also be performing Songs for You.