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Zopilote Machine

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Zopilote Machine

Ajax Records
released 1994
reissued 2005 (3BOS)


  1. Alpha Incipiens
  2. Azo Tle Nelli In Tlalticpac?
  3. Alpha Sun Hat
  4. The Black Ice Cream Song
  5. Sinaloan Milk Snake Song
  6. We Have Seen the Enemy
  7. Standard Bitter Love Song #7
  8. Quetzalcoatl Eats Plums
  9. Orange Ball of Love
  10. Orange Ball of Hate
  11. Bad Priestess
  12. Going to Bristol
  13. Young Caesar 2000
  14. Going to Lebanon
  15. Grendel's Mother
  16. Song for Tura Satana
  17. Alpha In Tauris
  18. Going to Georgia
  19. Quetzalcoatl Is Born