Completists’ Delight

Went out to the mailbox today and found the new one from Bellafea on Southern. I sing backing vocals on the album’s lead track, “Depart (I Never Knew You),” so I figured I would mention this record here rather than on Last Plane to Jakarta. The album is outstanding – Heather is one of the most exciting performers alive – but decorum prohibits me from lavishing too much praise on it, since I sing on it.
In other news: deepest thanks to everybody for all the kind thoughts and good wishes. I am about one million times better than I was about a month ago. (The figure “one million times” in the preceding sentence was arrived at only after many painstaking calculations and has been verified by science.) We are making plans for some touring abroad in the fall, and are working on rescheduling the Australian dates, whose cancellations we continue to bewail in the bitterest of terms, since we were totally looking forward to those shows.
The next shows will be a benefit for AIDS Walk NY on May 16th – probably a solo set, though who knows whether I’ll be able to talk some friends into lending their talents? God knows, of course, but has been silent for centuries. I’ll also be reading from my Master of Reality book at Housing Works the next day. Hope to see some of you there!