By which I mean “wrapped.” So that’s that. Yesterday, I re-did two vocals that sounded like they could be done better, and surprised myself by belting out what I’d consider two of the strongest performances of the bunch. If you’d’ve asked me yesterday morning whether I had two strong, loud, get-agitated vocal takes left in me, I’d’ve laughed in your face, but when it came time to stand in front of the microphone and get stupid, I reached down and located my inner basket case. I felt really proud afterwards; those two takes, when I’d listened to their earlier renditions, made me feel like I’d sort of let the songs down. Listening back after the re-takes, I felt like I’d treated them right.
Which is what I wanted most from this whole session, really. All these songs are kind of special to me, because they’re pretty naked and open and raw, and I hoped that we’d do them justice. And though they haven’t been mixed yet (JV & Scott will do that six days from today), I listened to a half-dozen of them in playback this morning, and I was really happy with what I heard. Once we get this thing mixed and sequenced, I think it’s going to “wail and keen,” as I wrote in an early note to myself about what I wanted this album to do.
Don’t wanna get too maudlin but ending an intense eleven-day session like this was really emotional. It was hard to say goodbye to JV, who was being really funny all afternoon; if it was slightly less hard to say goodbye to Scott, that’s only because he was so visibly overjoyed to be back in the company of his wife.
And so here Peter and I are at the Hyatt Regency near the airport, in what will probably be our last hotel stay together this year. As some people here inexplicably said upon seeing us enter our elevator carrying our guitars: “Whoa.”
More news as it occurs to me in the days and weeks to come, I guess – see you all soon!