Brought My Doctor’s Note, Let Me In

Since Monday the influx of well-wishing I’ve received has been so moving to me that though I despair of conveying how much I mean what I say here, I still want to try. So: thank you so, so much. May I someday prove worthy of your goodness, your kindness. It’s overwhelming, and inspires more gratitude than I could really tell you about. It is hard to put me at a loss for words, but here we are, so again: thank you.

And now the news: I have the all-clear to proceed, at full strength, without mercy, from Friday forward. I will be quite eager to show off just how potent the healing elixirs have been. And for those who sometimes express concern over my longer-term prospects, please let me put you at ease: I always get up no matter how many times I get knocked down and no matter how big the things that knock me down may get. I am descended from a race of giants who age like trees. One of them, over the course of his life, wrote so many songs that my present total pales by comparison, and toured until his feet fell off. My goal is to have my likeness replace his over the family hearth.

See you in D.C.!